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Scott Farms in the news

That's the (sweet potato) spirit! 

The Sweet Potato Spirit Company has won the Best New Artisan Beverage category in the World Food Innovation Awards 2016. The range is made exclusively using Scott Farms sweet potatoes.

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Sweet potato spirits launched 

We're very excited to tell you about a project we've been involved in. Our very own Scott Farms sweet potatoes are being used exclusively in a newly launched range of artisan spirits from The Sweet Potato Spirit Company. A great stocking filler...

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Love Sweet Potatoes Sponsors Deliciously Ella at Write on Kew Literary Festival  

Last weekend our team were at the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew for the Write on Kew Literary Festival where we were a proud sponsor of star food blogger and author, Ella Woodward, aka Deliciously Ella’s, talk about adopting a plant-based diet in a battle to overcome illness.

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How we grow from seed

We produce seed and slips in our propagating houses and hand sow the plants at our clients specification; which means you can decide the size of the product you need.  Each sweet potato is hand-picked to reduce the amount of touch by machinery that could damage their skins which are very fragile at the point of harvesting.  It's our specialist knowledge of the product which means we've developed processes to consistently ensure quality.

These include non-touch drying: The product is washed to remove soil, vine hairs and any further debris; they then leave the water by travelling upwards on soft rollers which air dry the product without the need for bristles or other types of machinery.   This helps reduce the damage to skins and therefore reduces the danger of airborne infections penetrating the sweet potato; infections which could led to rot and waste. 

Continued investment to increase the capacity of our storage facilities has resulted in a year round supply capability.  This gives us more flexibility to meet the variable demands of our customers' requirements for product size and range.   This also ensures total crop utilisation; maximising efficiencies and minimising waste.

Retaining an expert labour force is critical to on-going quality management.  We were the first grower to install on-site living accommodation which has led to an increase in skills, experience and retention of product knowledge as our employees are less inclined to move on; overcoming a key challenge with transient workforces which are an essential component to the farming industry.