A site dedicated to sweet potatoes?

Lovesweetpotatoes.com is brought to you by Scott Farms.  We've been growing sweet potatoes for four generations and what we don't know about sweet potatoes isn't worth knowing.

Did you know, for example, that sweet potatoes are not potatoes?  They can be eaten raw as well as mashed, boiled, steamed or roasted.  Great when you consider that they are classed as one of the 5-a-day vegetables and that they are available 52 weeks of the year.

Sweet potatoes also have huge nutritional benefits, and are full of anti-oxidants, vitamin A, C and beta-carotene.

Considering the positive buzz we're really not eating enough sweet potatoes. Research commissioned by Scott Farms told us that most people bought sweet potatoes bi-weekly or monthly and only half of respondents knew of their nutritional value, with one in four unsure how to actually cook them.

This is where Scott Farms come in.  We want to showcase the humble and hard-working veg with easy to prepare recipes that demonstrate their versatility and encourage consumers to eat more; love more.

Our challenge

This set us a challenge….to educate the UK consumer about the benefits of sweet potatoes, of their value and nutritional punch, and to demonstrate how versatile the vegetable is, in terms of ease of preparation and range of uses. 

We're proud to say that now UK consumers are now eating 91% more sweet potatoes than they were 5 years ago and incredibly over 38 million people are now regularly eating them!

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The Sweet Potato Spirit Company has won the Best New Artisan Beverage category in the World Food Innovation Awards 2016. The range is made exclusively using Scott Farms sweet potatoes.

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